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House Sitting in Sussex

David and Janice’s main role is to look after your house and to make sure it is managed and maintained whilst you are away. This will mean that it is not empty during your absence.

They decided to become house sitters and start their own business, knowing that they have the skills and acumen gained during their working lives, and that they would be perfect house sitters. David is practical and problem solving, and can make sure that, should any problems occur in your house during your time away, everything is in the best possible hands. They are reliable, loyal, trustworthy, discreet and resourceful, making them an excellent choice to look after your most valuable asset.

Pet Sitting

David and Janice love animals. They don’t have any in their family just now, which means that they can house sit at short notice and look after your pets at the same time.

A run through the instructions with you and you are good to go, and they are all set to treat your pets like a member of their own family.
They will make sure that he or she is given the time and love that they deserve in their own home, so they don’t feel lonely whilst you are away.


David and Janice are keen gardeners and will be pleased to keep an eye on your garden whilst you are away.

Contact Executive House Sitting Sussex

If you’d like David and Janice to look after you home, then please contact them as they get booked up very fast!

Call: 07970 590156 or email:
to find an executive house sitter in Sussex, Kent, Surrey or Hampshire.