What is the worst part about the final month of a property construction?
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What is the worst part about the final month of a property construction?


The property has been built. It is almost finished; however, there are still glitches, snags, often dust and, at the same time, trades in and out and possessions being delivered. It can sometimes seem a chaotic and hectic time with some jobs being left uncompleted.

A new and unique service for architects and construction companies

Are you in the process of building a house for your client? You are so close to the finishing line, with maybe just a month or so to go before it is ready and could really do with someone permanently on site for the final stages.

Not all clients would want to move straight into a renovation that is nearing completion or a new build project.

Unique Construction House Sitting Service

This is where David and Janice Moore come in. They provide a unique service - The Construction House Sitting Service. If your clients are having a property built, but there may still be a way to go, then why not bring David and Janice in during the final few weeks.

If you include them in your initial quotation, then they would be an integral part of your team and a crucial part of making the final stages run smoothly.

David and Janice would move temporarily into the property (it’s ok they don’t mind ‘basic’ as they understand it’s in its final completion stage!) and use the house as your client would use it – bathrooms, kitchens, air conditioning, heating, swimming pools to make sure that everything works and is up to the high standards that your client requires.

The snagging go-to couple!

They would become your ‘snagging go-to couple’ for your most discerning clients. Defects can be highlighted and listed for actions for remedy by the contractors, to David’s own highest of standards.

It would mean that your clients have a presence in their property. The Moores would protect the building and its contents during a disruptive and messy/dusty refurbishment.  Your client may not be willing to live under such strain but would prefer for a someone to be in the house.

Furniture and valuable possessions can be signed for and looked after. Prized and valuable furniture can be delivered and installed knowing that the dwelling will be occupied prior to the client moving in.

A tailor-made service for your clients

Duration could be days, weeks, months even, depending on the clients requirements.

As with all Executive House Sitting services, everything we offer can be tailor made to each client’s particular requirements.

David & Janice – 30 year’s experience

David has worked in the construction business in the UK for over 41 years and is skilled as a carpenter. Janice has been a cook, a mother to their children and had her own care business looking after people in their homes and helping them with cooking, shopping and household chores. She is also a keen gardener.

David and Janice have very exacting standards and will ensure that your client’s property is in perfect condition when they leave and your clients move in.

Loyalty and discretion

Finally, they know that their reputation is built on not just the ability to look after a property and its ground but also on loyalty and discretion.  They are committed to the families that they work for and provide complete privacy for those living there and their property. If they did not, they wouldn’t be recommended!

Contact Executive House Sitting today

This is a new concept for David and Janice. They have looked after estates and property over the years and during his time as a project manager David felt there was a need for a service such as theirs. A need for someone to view a property through the eyes of someone who will be the owners.

The service they provide ensures that everything works properly and that workmanship is up to the highest of standards. This will be both welcoming and reassuring for the new owners when the keys are handed over to them.

Call David Moore on: 07970 590156 or email: moore.family@sky.com to find out more about this service.